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At Lafrance International, we plan our work and work our plan. We strive to delight you with measurable results that make a decided difference in your business. We use a proprietary process, SPEC(TM):

  • Situational Assessment
  • Project Definition
  • Execution
  • Communication

We begin with a complementary Situational Assessment. We ask the right questions to understand your situation, your goals, schedule constraints, and results you are seeking. You receive a two-page description of your situation.

During Project Definition, we prepare a customized statement of work that defines the work flow and processes, tasks, deliverables, schedule constraints and costs. After we review the statement of work, we assign resources and begin in earnest.

During Execution, we deliver services in accordance with your statement of work. You will receive the deliverables defined in your statement of work.

And throughout the entire project, we focus on Communication. Many clients request daily updates or weekly status reports. We are only a phone call away at any time.